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Topics in Environmental Health and Medicine

5G -- Electro-Smog (EHS) Electro Hyper Sensitivity -- EMF

Bees, Colony Collapse Disorder ("CCD") -- Only the Beginning of the End

Biowarfare, Race-specific/Ethno-Bio


Depopulation via Music, Media, Fashion/Vogue, Androgyny/G3NDR, LGBT, QWERTY

EPA Toxic Release Inventory

Fibro-Myalgia, Rapid Aging Syndrome -- Microwaves "Slow-Cook" You

Geo-Engineering - "chemtrails"

Glyphosate - Monsanto "Round-Up"

LSD, Entheogens, Suggestogens, Psychedelics, MK ULTRA


"Smart" Meters are for Truly Stupid people



Wheat Murder / Wheat Belly -- "wheat is an 'obesogen', perfectly crafted to make you fat" -- Dr William Davis. "Wheat is a perfect mass population sickener and depopulation tool."

Worst Places on Earth


Aldous Huxley wrote, decades ago, about how most citizens would soon be purposely awash with toxins, deprived of oxygen, and routinely exposed to radiation. See the amazingly deep research being done into Aldous Huxley by Jan Irvin / Logos Media / Gnostic Media on youtube.

More recently, Obama's Science Czar co-authored a textbook considering methods to depopulate humans, including mass sterilization via poisoned public water supplies.

Today we have

What thinking person, given these facts, would any longer presume the generally predatory reality is anything other than by diabolical design?